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About us

Sporthotel Acropolis is a brand new hotel located on the Westendelaan in Middelkerke, in the sporting heart of the municipality. The casino, the festival grounds, the tennis courts, the riding school, the bowling and the karting surround the domain that is brimming with energy. The invigorating sea air, the dunes and the beach at just under 500m will make your stay a delight.

The interior of the hotel refers to an “eclectic style“. Eclectic literally means ‘choosing the best‘, in fact it means that different styles have been used interchangeably. An eclectic interior is a combination of modern and older style elements, both in wallpaper, color choice and furniture.

This makes Sporthotel Acropolis unique, the style is exclusive and makes every room special – come and see for yourself!

Sportpark Krokodiel Middelkerke Sporthotel Acropolis

Sporthotel Acropolis is located on the Krokodiel site in Middelkerke.
The “De Krokodiel” sports park is located between Westendelaan and nature reserve De Warandeduinen between Middelkerke and Westende.

A whole series of exciting outdoor sports are possible.

Sportpark “De Krokodiel” gives the sportsman the possibility to choose between the following sports possibilities: an obstacle course with death ride, ropes, teamwork and marsh tracks
a playground and a mountain bike trail (2 km) as part of the Norbert-Dedeckere mountain bike route.